The idea behind forming the company was to give greater opportunity to those who have either studied in theatre and who have found themselves working in other areas during the day, or those who have a real passion for all aspects of theatre. 


For us, it's about finding an original established piece, and creating something new and exciting; watching it develop and grow, for people to enjoy and talk about afterwards. We try to find different interpretations, stripping the production back to its barest form which can be challenging but ultimately means the quality of the acting stands on its own merit.


What makes us different?
We want people to enjoy our productions and see a raw but professional side,
leaving people feeling that they have some connection with theatre.


Whilst we perform in larger, established venues, we also bring pop up theatre to local cafes and bars. Our greatest joy is to make theatre accessible to all, to people who may not go regularly or even at all. Pop up events help promote local theatre to more people. It's like a gift, giving a bit of ourselves to reach out to the local community, to a fresh, new audience.


Casper Jones - Artistic Director


My roots are firmly planted in the acting industry, having been brought up in a theatrical household.  Having family in theatre gives me a good grounding in the nuts and bolts of acting and also helps give me a realistic vision of what I want to achieve. For me, Oscillate Wildly Productions is a chance to really get involved with developing and creating all types of theatrical experiences.


When I first put an advert in the papers, I was quite overwhelmed by the number of people who contacted me, wanting to be involved with all areas of running the initial show, giving up their spare time to help in any way they could. This is the kind of ethos that really encouraged me to pursue the idea; harnessing that energy at a grassroots level, us all working together to create a piece of theatre that we can be proud of.


Please click here to view a short film featuring Casper.