It has been a time of change here at Oscillate Wildly Productions.

We were very close to putting on "Haunting Julia." However, with two weeks to go until opening night, things conspired in a way that I felt there was no other decision to make than to pull the production. It seems to me that everything was going to be a rush and I wasn't prepared to compromise the quality of the theatre company after the first show was so successful.


It has also been a period of change for myself personally, with a job that I had that was seemingly taking up all my time, leaving me with little time to focus on the company.

I took the decision to leave my job and spent three months looking for something more enjoyable and less time consuming. After all, you can't very well rehearse adequately if you have to work seven days a week until 11pm!

As well as beginning the process of looking for material that is unique and exciting, I have also had to part company with my biggest ally, Dani Carbery, who has moved away from Sussex. She has been an amazing support and I wish her very success in the future.

I will soon begin the process of also looking for new members for the theatre company, starting with a Director.


I also have other projects that I wish to pursue in relation to OWP, which include a Pod Cast call "What's your Ear Wig!?" and having a stab at writing a musical about the 14 years I may never get back! 

In the meantime, please keep an eye out for us and as always, thank you for your continued support.

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