A Private View by Vaclar Havel had been a play that Oscillating Widly had spent a number of years  wanting to  perform.
When the play finally became available,  the prodcution company jumped at the chance to make  it their own.
Acting in a semi-circular space with the audience having an almost 270 degree view of the show was a huge challenge.
Adding to this, the company decided to act without any props, to ensure the acting and script shone through unencumbered.
It was  a  huge success, selling out  each night  and garnering  Oscillate Wildly Prodcutions its first professional review.


A PRIVATE VIEW by Vaclar Havel

​Venue: Nightingale Theatre, Brighton

February 2013

The Brighton Magazine - It was so good I felt bereft when it ended!

Photography courtesy of Tim Gardiner

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